May 12, 2003

The Positive Power of Running to Gangsta Rap

I go running because I'm determined to chase out the demons. But being neighborly and guilt-ridden, once they're out, I feel compelled to invite them to stay for a drink and maybe a bite to eat. But nothing for me. I'm trying to convince myself that hunger pains are as enjoyable as a vodka buzz. It's part of my new approach to fooling myself.

I woke with no desire to wake. I would have been content and unsurprised to slog through my responsibilities and feel as if I had gotten nowhere. But the pavement beckoned. And I was a little flattered by it. So I blushed, got dressed, and got to it.

It was hot and sunny and clear out, and I had poems in my head. So I ran fast and gloried in it. Sometimes, the strides last so long it feels like flying. Thousands and thousands of things happen, and I'm always counting.

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