Sep 18, 2003

Sitting Up High

Eddie Izzard was brilliant again tonight. (Yes, I went to see him again.) And he's on Jay Leno right now. I was only watching because Martín reminded me that Sean Cullen was going to be on, so I tuned in and tolerated. But bonus -- Eddie Izzard was also guesting and brilliantly. He was sandwiched by the boringness of Beyoncé Knowles, but he looked dashing in a suit of aubergine, and I had the added elitist satisfaction of knowing I saw him only hours ago (but actually hours after the show was taped). I win! Don't I?

I'm so very tired today. I can only hope that sleep will come like something quick. I didn't sleep yesterday. I was in that tunnel vision state that causes you to forget that you ever need human things like rest and nourishment and sweet hydration.

Television grates on my nerves.

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