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Cork in the Water
My delightful, attractive, and huge-brained friend Adam got himself a blog! He has sage and clever opinions about a great many things. Get to know him!
The Democratic Party
I am literally a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, and I think saying it here is more efficacious than shouting it from a mountain top. Although, if I'm on mountain top any time soon, it's one of the things I will surely shout. Let's change the world together. It will be fun!
Nathan Jurevicius
I stumbled onto the brilliance of Nathan Jurevicius on the cover of an issue of Computer Arts, a periodical for which I am forced to pay too much on account of it's published in the U.K. I sought him out online and found him. Now you can, too! He's a brilliant animator and illustrator with some very impressive work to show off on his site. He's also got a new baby girl named Arkie and plenty of other accomplishments to applaud. Click on the meat to get started, and don't forget what clever girl sent you a-clicking (note: it's me).
you yes you. the work of jasonshogreen
My friend Geoffrey posted a link to on his blog in the Valentine's Day spirit. That's how I found Jason Sho Green, whose illustrations inspire and amuse me. He makes me want to buy more pens and make more of a mess of my sketchbook. I really dig that.
I love And I'm saying that in spite of the fact that I own stock in the company. No one provided me with more comfort or a greater sense of kindred spirit during those awful weeks after the 2000 election than Those were harrowing times for America and for me. So, I exuberantly endorse your clicking. Also, it's one of those sites -- so very unlike mine -- that updates its content daily.
James Lileks is both my inspiration and my nemesis. His site is clever and graphically superb. The Institute of Official Cheer is the comedy stuff of the gods, particularly the Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots and the Gallery of Regrettable Food (featuring "Cooking with Seven-Up[TM]"). I'm tempted to say more, but I get all depressed acknowledging how much better this site is than mine and how admirably diligent James Lileks is about updating the content. Every time I find a typo or an error in code, I congratulate myself that he's not perfect. Albeit in shame and tooth-gnashing jealousy, I click. Oh, and as if he hasn't outdone me on every other level, James Lileks has recently published a book about his Gallery of Regrettable Food, which you can buy here. Curse him.
John Fluevog Shoes
Sadly, this site would be more appropriately featured on the "too cool for me" page that doesn't yet exist. Would that I were hip and snazzy enough to pull off some of these looks. Lucky for everyone, my younger sister Beulah is amply cool and can wear shoes -- like the ones you'll find here -- in my stead. I make no bones about the fact that I can wear a pair of OSHA-violating high heels better than anyone, but the one pair of Doctor Marten's I own are sitting unworn in a box somewhere taunting me with their Gen-X-ness and their price tag. If you listen closely, you can almost hear them whisper, "Silly, Mary. You aren't even cool enough to wear a pair of Skechers. Tsk, tsk."
The MM Club's predictions about the new millennium
The kids at John R. Good Elementary School in Irving, Texas, have made some startlingly insightful predictions about the new millennium. Read what they have to say, but prepare to be astonished. Maybe the "R." in "John R. Good" really stands for, if he spelled his name with an "R."
This is my new favoritest place: stock.xchng. I find photos that inspire me, that I can use in my portfolio work, or that I can look at when I'm wondering why I haven't done more with my life. Pretty photos. Of sunflowers. And clouds. And buildings. And all the things that other stock photography sites want you to pay for. Only this place gives up the goods for free! Seriously. The quality of the content is as far from sucking as is possible, and I'm so encouraged. I used to promote a clip-art and fonts site here on my web site, but the membership fees got laughably high -- especially when you consider how many truly laughable images they had in their archives -- and they changed their affiliate royalties provider and all of a sudden it was too much of a pain in the rump to be worth the pennies it netted me annually. Anyway, this site is much better than that. If you've been keeping track (and why in god's name would you be), there used to be a plug for Spumco here. But apparently that site is no more. And the cute little illo of the beleaguered sausage was showing as a broken link. Broken links bring me no end of shame. That's why I have to update my font site. Before I die. When did this entry turn into my blog?
The Tick Apartment of Niceness
The Tick Apartment of Niceness is much nicer than my apartment and pays ample tribute to our beloved blue-clad crimefighting justice dealer.
The Astounding B Monster (The Offbeat Film Authority)
The B movie finally gets its due. Weekly video reviews, clever quotes from B movie posters, sci-fi, horror, cult, interviews with the actors who made films like "Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage To the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent" possible -- this site is a web treasure!
Fractal Cow
Fun, fun fun -- and milk! This site puts me to outright shame. The bovine mascot (replete with sunglasses to connote "attitude") seems to be taunting me with its clever little udder and its quick-loading graphics. This was once the home of the Bert Is Evil page. But no longer. Finally, Ernie, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Epicurious is an invaluable resource for those of us who cook. The searchable recipe index is my favorite feature, but you can also learn how to mix up a Tom Collins or plan a trip to Aruba. It's an acceptable substitute for actually "livin' large."
Lyrics World
Have you been hurt and embarrassed by the frowns of onlookers as you mercilessly butcher the lyrics to popular tunes? Well, stop getting it wrong! There is hope. Well, the International Lyrics Archive is no more, but in its stead, I suggest Lyrics World. Good luck to you. Excuse me while I kiss this guy...
Internet Movie Database
If you haven't visited the Internet Movie Database yet, check your pulse, because I would assert that you have not yet lived. I visit it more frequently than I care to admit, and as a result, I know that the supporting cast of Small Wonder never really did much of anything else in their careers. Knowledge is power!
Martha Stewart Madness -- It's a good thing!
I am an avid supporter of Martha Stewart. I watch the programs, subscribe to the periodical, place a modestly prepared tamale (with fresh pico de gallo) on her shrine each night and beseech her for wisdom in my housekeeping and entertaining endeavors. In all fairness, I am well aware that there are those who question Martha's motives. But for the rest of you non-blasphemers, I endorse the Official Martha Stewart Web Site.
Muppets Anyone?
Don't mind if I do. I love the Muppets and their creator Jim Henson. (Advice: Speak not ill of them in my presence.) Imagine my glee and weepy sentimentality when I drove by the Jim Henson offices on La Brea Blvd. and saw that big be-black-suited Kermit on the roof. That same day I saw a rather ruddy-complected and thick-legged Quentin Tarantino fetching dinner at Pink's, but who cares about that. I have to admit that I just picked this link at random and because it's "official." There are quite a few cool Muppet-related sites, but you may just have to get off your duff and hunt them down on your own. What am I? -- your mother?
Surprise! (chuckle, chuckle)
Feeling alone and unwanted? Despair no more. Apparently Fabio Loves You.
It's no shame to love ABBA. I dare you to prove me wrong. But you'll have to speak up -- Super Trouper's on. [Note: It's no shame to love ABBA, but it is a shame that none of the once-cool ABBA sites seem to be available any longer. I have nothing to link you to here, but take it on faith that Benny and Bjorn will change your life if you let them.]
Encyclopedia Mythica
I love mythology. Don't you? I also wholly endorse Encyclopedia Mythica as a great resource for you, because you love mythology as much as I do, and because you might want to look up your favorite proto-god or ancient fertility festival one of these days. And if you haven't already been to my own mythology page, I suggest you mosey on over.
The Costume Page
We theatrical folk sure do love to dress up. The Costume Page has a lot to say about that.
Marilyn Monroe
It would be remiss of me not to include Peggy Wilkins' Marilyn Monroe site.
The IRS Home Page
Strike me dead for saying it, but the IRS Home Page is undeniably useful and surprisingly well laid out. There are even fun cartoon-ish graphics and bureaucratic attempts at wit. Bravo, IRS -- parasitic vermin that you are.
Jo Alexis
Meet my friend Jo. She's magnificent in every way. And buy her new CD. You'd be a fool not to.

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