The Soapbox

The Soapbox is an open forum. As the official page goddess, I of course get dibs on the daily* diatribe. But it is my hope that you will find my tantrums provocative and will exercise your right to comment.

[*The use of the word "daily" is downright erroneous. I have no intention of updating this section once a day. However, the catchy sound and alliterative quality of "daily diatribe" effectively distract me from any natural bent toward accuracy. Forgive me.]

Daily Diatribe 4/7/97: "Wherefore art thou, spinach salad?"

Daily Diatribe 4/14/97: "I don't want to know!"

Daily Diatribe 4/29/97: "In order to form a more perfect world view and/or shoe collection..."

Daily Diatribe 6/2/97: "Amuse me, bloodsucking leeches!"

Daily Diatribe 9/24/97: "Sweep this!"

Daily Diatribe 7/17/98: "Nuts to you, Stingy!"

Daily Diatribe 9/24/98: "What price justice?"

Daily Diatribe 10/5/98: "I am lazy. Very, very, very, very lazy."

Daily Diatribe 1/29/01: "I gots the post re-vamp blues."

Daily Diatribe 2/1/01: "Wretched disbelief, I suspend thee!"

Daily Diatribe 4/1/01: "Answers to all that ails the world -- find them here!"

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