My Smiling Mug

Here's where I include a nice little picture of myself:

My Smiling Mug

Courtesy of Mary Forrest Worldwide Archive

In order to dispel the rumours that I am, in fact, a hand puppet, I invite you to visit the Mary Forrest Photo Gallery and the latest exhibit, More Mary, where you can get even more Mary for the same low price. Take your time, click the thumbnails, and grab a free commemorative book of matches on your way out.

And if you look at the title of this page ("No Reason to Remain Faceless"), it's sort of laughable to think that I might ever have been that, as there are now more pictures of me on the Internet than there are pictures of tractors and ducks in grade school textbooks. Time is a wonder, isn't it?*

I am told this photo no longer looks anything like me. But I was told this by a jerk.

*The correct answer is "no.".

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