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Are you like me? Do you tire easily of the installed fonts on your computer and yearn to see your words displayed with little feet attached to them or blood dripping off the serifs or as if they have been carved out of hunks of pungent Swiss cheese? Well, bang your head against the wall no more, fellow font lover. You see, the extraspecially good thing about the Worldwide Web ("www" to those of us in the know) is how much free stuff there is to be gotten if you know where to look. And free fonts are no exception. No sirree.

I'll offer a nifty font for you to download every few days. (I've even done the Mac conversion for you on the PC TrueType fonts in my collection. I rule.) I'm mostly fond of artsy display fonts myself, so that's what you're likely to see here when it comes to downloadables and things that get me all worked up. But I also recognize the value of a good sans serif typeface and even a decent serif face every now and then. Script fonts and dingbats may take me a bit longer to warm up to, but I'm working on it.

I have also compiled a big fat list of suggestions for you on where to go to get the cool stuff. Depending on your creative bent, these sites range from very cool to barely worth raising an eyebrow at. But all of them feature fonts for download, many of which are free. I will continue to update reviews and listings. If your site offers free fonts and you aren't listed, feel free to bend my ear about it. You'll find that I'm remarkably responsive.

Guess what! I'm even nicer than you thought. The FFF now sports a handy Font Archive where you can get your hands on the latest font offerings even if you weren't diligent enough to stop by once a week. Sure, you don't deserve it. But that's just the kind of gal I am.

Hey, just for fun: Check out the Figlet ASCII Font Converter and see words of your choice displayed in ASCII symbols. There are like a hundred styles to choose from. Zounds!

So that's what you get here: free fontage, gobs of information, and a liberal amount of shameless self-promotion. It's the least I can do. Who am I? you ask. I'm so flattered your interest was piqued. Everything you could ever possibly want to know about me -- and then some -- is just a click away...

Thou shalt click!

Oh, and just to put everyone's minds at ease, I'll alert you to the fact that I am updating this portion of the site RIGHT NOW. Little by little, perhaps. But an update is an update is an update. For those of you who have been kind enough to point out dead sites or give me URLs for new ones or give me URLs for formerly dead ones -- even for you out there who have only emailed to harangue me about my laziness or to express your anger at having been sent to a porn site -- I'm hard at work in the pursuit of your happiness. I need to rework the site entirely at some point so it doesn't take so dang long to load, but I'm trying not to be so ambitious as to extinguish the fires of my industry. Bear with me, will ya?

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The Free
0.SUB typography First it was Fonts 39, then O.SUB typography -- Miika Saksi sure does move around. Happily, Miika is also quite handy with the ol' code. The site is as great as ever. It looks as if there's some work to be done before the Typography section will be ready to roll. But we're civilized patient folks, aren't we?

Okay, so the epilogue to all of this is that I can find neither hide nor hair of this once-great font site, but I did find Mika Saksi's self-promoting site at http://www.shove-it-helsinki.com, and she's still awesome as ever. Just not distributing fonts, as far as I can tell. Feel free to keep me apprised if you have more information on this mystery.
1Fonts More than 800 fonts to download in .zip format. It's calling its;ef "CoolArchive" now, but I'm too lazy to realphabetize.
A+B+C WEB GRAPHICS & FONTS All sorts of free graphics and such, including a big-ass font page.
ABC Font Someone was kind enough to send me the new URL for the font page on this site. But then it went and died again.
ABCTec Font Gallery Woe is me -- and all the rest of you who will never get a chance to visit this site, There were some really good original fonts here. I am suspicious that the domain has changed, so please alert me if you have any news.
About Face Not all there yet, but I can wait.
Abstract Type Design Patrick Durr and his original designs don't seem to be calling this URL home anymore. I've poked around a bit and found little sign of their new digs. You can get Patrick's designs from a lot of other sites, but I hope he'll be back in action in his own right one of these days.
ACID FONTS I've owed this guy a link for ages, so here it be: Large collection of freeware truetype fonts collected from the web. Quick-loading. Tastes great with lemon.

Still a great place to get free fonts. You can also order a personalized handwriting font. But there are pop-up windows galore to be dealt with. It starts to feel like you're playing a game of Whack-a-Mole.
AES Font Library All Halloween-y stuff from the Aaron W. Beck Co. Now gone the way of the Halloween dinosaur.
Agent J's Font Design "By day a clever comic magician, by night...Agent J." Original freeware typefaces to sample and a few families to buy. There's also a little section on where to get software to design your own fonts. So you can stop bugging me about it.
Alexei Ramone's Quake Fonts Gee whillikers, Alexei Ramone sure does dig Quake. He's collected all the Quake-ish fonts he could and made them available to you, whether you like Quake or not.
Alex Gollner's Free Fonts Formerly Alex'den - The flipside of Project. Alex Gollner has augmented his web presence again. This site inlcudes Alex's benevolent font designs. And if you backtrack a bit, you can get to know more about Alex himself.
All Good Things Typography Cool typography site which houses the impressive Red Sun: Font Pool. As the title suggests, Star Trek is well-represented here. If nothing else, this site has a big heap of Star Trek fonts.
Allo? Police? Five new fonts each week on this cute French site -- which has sadly disappeared from the face of the Web. I'm deputizing you all as font spies in my service. If you find a reincarnation of this once-wonderful site, let me know.
Alphabet Soup Original Creations by Jason Fagone, self-proclaimed "macaque daddy of fonts" and designer of such winners as Font for the Dumped and Monko Blocky. Currently reading: "work in progress." But I have faith.
Alphabytes Rob Leuschke's Alphabytes site shows off Rob's design prowess and gives away his IRC Chat font.
Andrew's Access to Fonts I've searched the web over, and there's two things I haven't found: true love and a new URL for Andrew's Access to Fonts. Rats on both counts.
Andreas Lindkvist Genuinely awesome collection of original shareware and commercial typefaces to download or to covet. Formerly the Bright Side.
@nk fonts and photoshop This is the home of a new font archive. The graphics are great. And I once commended the site for having the good sense to move on up from Geocities to an independent domain, but I'm now confused by that commendation, as the URL still appears to be a Geocities address. Maybe I lost my mind. Also called Aye En Kae Fonts, apparently.
Anton's World The site currently says that the font download section is temporarily closed due to a lawsuit. Yikes.
AOS Dings Original dingbats from Ace of Space Graphics are nowhere to be found. Ace of Space now has its own web site with a proper domain name and everything, but I see no mention of freeware dingbats. It's a shame.
Aquamarine's Fonts Place A very well-maintained site (unlike mine) with heaps of free fonts to offer. Give it a whirl.
art_design_nine Two original free fonts to download. But alas, no more.
Artware Artware gives away one free original typeface called Mijn. But even Microsoft can't track them down.
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry A veritable font goldmine. And now with an even ginchier design and lots of great typefaces to choose from. Even the freebies.
The Badlands Library A collection of 425 fonts gathered from elsewhere on the web used to reside here. Now there is nothing but the bitter remnants of a very poor business interaction with Simplenet. For shame.
Bazar: Free Graphics, Fonts, and Photoshop Tips Lots of useful free stuff here. See for yourself.
Beetles and Dry Fish Design Only two fonts here, last I checked -- but both are free. The site is undergoing some touch-up work. Nothing too intrusive, though. Still quite safe for even the severely allergic.
Ben Coifman's Unusual Fonts Dingbats, symbols, crossword puzzle characters -- you get the idea.
Blackboard Etiquette Home Page Free original fonts to download. And they're not exactly hard on the eyes, either.
Blahfonts Giles, at the tender age of thirteen, posts his original typeface creations, further shaming me in my own abysmal quest to complete just ONE of my own font designs.
Bluerats Fonts Archive Archive of downloadable freeware and shareware fonts. But that ain't all. There is also a great selection of original freeware designs to download. Grab 'em before they go commercial!
Blue Vinyl Free Fonts I never did manage to get this page to load, through no fault of the site designer, I'm sure. But in addition to the fact that a nice collection of free original typefaces resides there, there is one thing I can certainly say about it: it's new.
Blum Design Works: Font Page Font of the month page on a graphics design site. I like this page just fine (particularly because I'm on the link list), and I am thrilled to announce that Tripod's grubby fingerprints are no longer anywhere to be found on this site.
BombHaus Digital Foundry Original fonts to download.
Boogie Jack's Wack Attack Fourteen free fonts if you sign up for a free membership to the "Wack Attack."
Brain Stew Fonts & Design Archive Formerly MC Graphix Font Page. This site offers 10 new fonts to download each week as well as a Fontswap Board where visitors can exchange typefaces. Look out, alt.binaries.fonts! You can also link to the Brain Stew Fonts & Design site, which features a bunch of original typeface designs to download.
Brendan's Font Collection Brendan promises to have over 500 fonts displayed in the near future. But that doesn't account for the fact that some Greek enthusiast called Chris seems to have taken over the site. Well, that's Geocities for you -- the eternal bastion of electronic permanence.
Bright Ideas Fonts Electronic subscription to Bright Ideas Magazine nets you fonts, clip art, yadda yadda. But it ain't free, and it ain't cheap. If you're rich and you can afford this, buy me something already.
Broken: The Nine Inch Nails Font Archive Download fonts from various Nine Inch Nails projects.
Buddha Graphix FunkDaFont Very much worth checking out. Them's some funky-ass fonts.
Bud's Hands Off! Fonts Mighty handsome original fonts -- almost too good to be free, and yet therein lies the paradox.
Buttfaces Digital Type Foundry Praise the lord, and pass the 3-ply toilet tissue: Buttfaces is back in the saddle again. Three free fonts are offered here, along with a clever collection of $10 typefaces. 
B/W Fontworks Some very bold, very original fonts free for download.
Byte-Sized Computing You'll find a keycaps font and a Scrabble(TM) tiles font under "Software."
Cameron Knight Ltd. Freeware and shareware fonts (foreign language, dingbats, logo, "smashed") and a liberal dose of JavaScript can be found at this site. I'm tired of trying to think of creative ways to say, "Why don't you go there?" so why don't you just go there?
Carini Type Foundry Endearing broken English and a couple of free fonts are tossed at you by this commercial foundry.
carpentertype New URL. Free stuff and not-so-free stuff. Cosmic balance is struck.
Casa de Toad Original free fonts to download. Nifty site design. I'm pleased.
Castle Systems Online Commercial type foundry with a free sample font to download.
Caverns of Blood Scary Stuff Page Spooky themed fonts offered here.
Celtic and Historical Fonts from the Celtic Lady Brittany Butler tosses you one free font, according to my count. And some others in exchange for currency of some sort.
The Chankstore Chank is God -- worship him! Plenty of stuff for sale including the bestselling "Mister Frisky" font (which I own). But I direct your attention to the weekly free fonts, archived for your convenience. If ever someone deserved to be rich and famous because of excellence in typeface design, this is the guy.
Chess Utrecht: A TrueType Chess Font Just one font to download here. You guessed it: it's called Chess Utrecht. Essentially a picture font of chesspieces on black or white squares. I can think of no discernible use for this. But perhaps you can.
chi-fonts TrueType fonts to download with links to creators' and archivers' pages.
Chlorine Typefaces to download -- some of which are original. Cool ones, no less.
CHOMP Font Collection Free fonts created by Elliot Weinstein. No samples to view. Just zip files to download by title.
Clearlight Fonts & Design Disappointment, thy bitter flavor makes me want to spit.
CoalTrain.com Great design. Great fonts. Big coal-powered trains. Heaven.
Comania Design's Shareware Fonts Apparently, fonts are no longer a priority at Comania.
Connpad Toolbox Extremely well put-together site with lots of fonts and all sorts of other doodads to download for free.
Cool Archive A mountain of free graphics, including over 750 free fonts, all for both Mac and PC.
Cool Fonts Online Todd Dever's original fonts, now housed in a new unencumbered-by-America-Online environment. I yearn to join you, Todd.
Cooties' Favorite Fonts Distressed typewriter fonts for l'homme noir in all of us.
Cosmonaut Fonts Five very neat font families all zipped up and ready for free download.
Cosmorama The download page on Kenneth Hirst's site contains a number of TrueType and PostScript symbol fonts.
Cozmo & Belly's TrueType Font Archive A cool collection of fonts. You can download free zipped font collections designated by genre. Can't get 'em one at a time, unfortunately. But that's life. And that's what the "Trash Can"/"Recycle Bin" down there at the bottom of your monitor screen is for.
Create 8 Fonts Thomas Leuthard's font site features a font of the week and a growing alphabetically listed font archive. The page design is very simple and pretty and clean and I like it a whole lot. Hot diggity.
Crejaculations, Kessels Design 37 original designs for Mac from Sander Kessels (the guy who made ByteCaps). This is a very clever site with some covetable typefaces to show off.
Cristoph Mueller's Font Site A German foundry offering a collection of commercial fonts as well as a few free titles.
Curtis Clark Symbol fonts and archaic alphabets.
Custom Effects Design & Resource Very nice design resource page with a free font of the day.
Dan Mitro's Free Fonts A couple of original freeware typefaces are offered here. "Dan Mitro" is a cool name.
Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts Just what it sounds like.
DarkSide Productions The newly designed website proves to be worth the wait.
David and Alex's Font World Another smashing free font download site. Amazingly, I never tire of them.
Degreez (X-Clan) Hoping this one's just temporary...
Derek's Gardenparty A peppy Southern California student makes his fonts available to the public. Here you'll find clones of logos and album art from Republica and the Cardigans, among others.
Design 76 Very original shareware titles to add to your collection.
Device-Fonts Hot damn! Device has a website and a free font is offered there. Rian Hughes is a genius. Worship him.
Digital Empires Inc. New original true type fonts every month.
Digit Mania - Font Fount Not really a font site. Counter digits in GIF format. Lots to choose from.
dincTYPE Awfully cool site. Lots of new stuff since the last time I visited.
The DingbatCave Original decorative and ornamental dingbat fonts. The site has now been updated and features both Windows and Mac TrueType and Postscript. There are also a couple free fonts to download.
Dingbat Dungeon - Fonts for Role-Players Whip out that hundred-sided die and snag yourself some special powers. Then visit this site and pretend you're off to kill a dragon or something. Fun!
The Dingbat Pages The Dingbats Page lives on. Huzzah!
disturbed.productions I love this site. And the fonts are original and free.
Divide By Zero It's not called "Tom's TrueType Font Page" anymore, but it's still a page of Tom's cool free fonts, and it's still worth visiting.
Dixie's Delights Fonts A handful of free Mac fonts to download and an online catalog of fonts to order for Mac and Windows.
The Dixon Fish Ranch Once upon a time, I got all excited that a site which I had once thought dead, was alive and well. Gratification is temporal.
Dolphin.7 Formerly, "The Revolution." A collection of freeware fonts from various creators.
Dope Fonts Some nifty free fonts, mostly of the grungy variety.
Drunk Robot Ryan Donahue is a design force of nature. A couple of his fonts are commercially available through garagefonts, but the bulk his offerings are free -- FOR NOW. Make haste!
dustyfonts Ha, ha! I was right. Dustyfonts is back in action, and I'm pleased as all get out.
dzn unlimited Five original PC TrueType fonts to download from a graphic designer's knockout site.
Earliest Memory of Cassettes Two free typefaces to download from a site that really takes you back.
Eclipse Web Designs Free fonts from Eclipse's Graphic Galaxy.
Eddie's Fonts I'm hesitant to say a site is slow-loading because it's quite possible it's just that my router is playing tricks on me, but this site took ages to load for me. Once up, it proved itself to be a reasonably useful site for downloading fonts collected from the web.
electric type foundry Steve Michael Palmer has a mother of a site on his hands here. He's offering original typefaces (of the predominantly techy variety) to download and an eyeful of great web design to boot. And it's all free free free. Make haste!
Elefont: Your Font Zoo Original fonts to download for free.
Elfring Soft Fonts Some free, some not.
Emboss Fonts Original fonts by S. Boss.
Emerald City Fontwerks No longer encumbered by the Freedom High Tech name, ECF is off on its own and better than ever. Freeware, shareware, you name it.
Empire of the Claw Click on Minions of the Claw to get to the font pages, where you will find a couple of original typefaces. One is DEVO, which comes replete with dingbats you can't help but love. You'll also find a large collection of fonts not designed by the Claw for you to download.
Enchanted Culture Free PC fonts collected from the web.
Enlightened Fonts E-Fonts looks for useful fonts and makes them available to you with relative ease.
Erks Nerks Erica Mercer's site displays her cool typeface designs but, sadly, doesn't apparently want you to have them. Hrmph. There is a new Font Forum as well as a number of inspiring design ideas. And as an addendum to my prior whining, on her birthday, Erica offered a freeware download of her awesome font Marioki. If it's still there, you're golden.
Exploding Font Company Online catalog for a clever little commercial type foundry, which is busily "sponsoring typographic terrorism worldwide." Currently offering Peter Bruhn's nifty font Pavement for free.
eyesaw fontz I am brought to my knees by this site. The design is kickASS and the fonts are kickASSer. Confirm my sentiments.
HappyHead Greg Meronek's personal site features his original freeware designs. (Formerly Fabtastic.)
Feòrag's Free Stuff Free original Mac fonts by Feòrag NìcBhrìde.
Fish Dicks, Inc. Download original PC TrueType designs from a site which has managed thus far to escape the squinty eyes of Geocities' censors.
Floor 13 James Devlin's page. Freeware and shareware download archive now; original fonts someday and a promise to update the site weekly. The pages take some time to load, but James has put together a great-looking site. See for yourself.
Flotsam Typography A really unique collection of original freeware typefaces to download for Mac and PC in both TrueType and PostScript formats.
Fluid Design Currently under construction, but promising to the eye.
FM FontMaker Dieter Schumacher is swell. He's got free original typefaces to give away and a rousingly tangerine-colored site to display them. Pay your respects.
Font242 A very cool interface on this space-age font download site. (Formerly Mr. Wallin's Font Warehouse.)
Fontage2: Far Too Many Fonts Sorted Far Too Many Ways 1350 fonts categorized and downloadable.
The FONTain Great collection of fonts to download. Well displayed and everything. Click, damn you!
Font-a-licious Fonts Ben Balvan's new page is delightfully fruit-flavored, and the fonts are free -- just like God intended them to be.
The Fontalicious Zone The Reverend Josh Wilhelm, affiliate of the world-renowned MOFO Outreach Ministry, has a font page. And good for him, I say. Visit it and download some fonts.
fontanelle: fonts from cd covers Download fonts used by musicians in their logos and album art.
Fontarama - Rafi's Workplace Originals and then some. Download a typeface rainbow.
Fontasia The opposite of "Rats!" Fontasia is back, thanks to Jean How. Visit Jean and Shirley and pay your respects.
Fontasia International by BarClaey One original font by Joseph Pence to download: Shoryuken Street Fighter.
Fontastic! A bazillion shareware and freeware ttf fonts. Trust me -- I counted 'em. Hail, La Kikita!
Fontazm TrueType and Type 1 fonts for PC, alphabetically archived. The site is still under construction and takes some time to load, but it's a good-sized collection.
The Font Club Shareware and freeware fonts collected from elsewhere on the web for your convenience.
The Font Depot Many many fonts to download (all PC TrueType), as well as some useful utilities.
The Font Diner The Diner is open for business! Visit the "Silverware"page for free stuff, and be sure to take a gander at the Braineaters Font section. The graphics on this site rule me. I can't impress this upon you enough. If you have forty bucks, you can buy a whole mess of awesome fonts. So do that.
The Font Drawer Free fonts designed by Michael Prewitt.
The Font Empire Fonts to download and site-hosting advertisements. Now, that's what I call a party!
The Font Emporium Lots of fonts to download here.
FontFace This is the new visage of the former Fonts Unlimited, the rockin'est font site ever.
Font Factor Download free fonts collected from the web.
Font Fairy A great resource. Lots of free stuff.
Font Farm 4 Freaks This site boasts a collection of freeware fonts to download, while simulataneously calling visitors "freaks." I can't decide how I feel about that. Well, it's alliterative anyway.
Font-Find Emerald Mines It's a shame this site has gone the way of the dinosaur. Really.
Font Freak Handily organized download site.
FONT FUSION: Free Font for Windows Freeware and shareware fonts for the PC.
The Font Guy Great-looking download site.
Font Haus Commercial foundry. Download a free fully-licensed Mac copy of FH Cooper in exchange for your address.
Fonthead Design Some free, some not. All good.
Font Mania *Totally Free Fonts* A heap of freeware and shareware fonts collected from the web and presented in a lovely fashion on the Web FX Mall by Eric Boerner.
FontMart Snazzy font and clip-art retailer with a free samples which contains the formerly hard-to-find Suessfont (you can see it in the banner to my "What Appeals to Me" page -- I get asked for it all the time).
FontNet (FontWorks UK) Some free samples, but principally a commercial type foundry.
Fontocide Typeface brilliance meets film noir, replete with zoot-suited gangsters and gunplay. Original -- to say the least.
Font of the Day Daily freeware or shareware font to download and a n extensive archive of previous posts are offered here. Jim dandy!
Fontopolis As font download sites go, this one amazes the hell out of me. The one thing you can say about the revamped, overhauled, restylized Fontopolis site: It's dizzyingly new. Kitschy and cool in every way -- you must visit this site, or you will be doomed to not have visited it. God bless Peter Langdon.
FONTRONICS "Digital fonts for men and women." I guess the family dog loses out on this deal, because Fontronics has got free fonts to offer that would appeal to any species.
The Fontry "Digital type for computer-aided signmaking, with fonts designed for signmakers by signmakers." Free font offerings worth looking for.
Fonts & Things A nice collection of downloadable freeware fonts from a lot of the creators you see listed here.
Fonts Created by A.J. Palmer A nice collection of original fonts to download. And by "nice" I mean "Hot damn! -- these are some nice fonts."
Fonts Forever Formerly, "No Fronts: Magnus Jepson's Font Page." Freeware and shareware typefaces collected from elsewhere on the web. By request, I'm alerting you to the fact that there may be adult-oriented material on this site.
Fonts for Freaks Large freeware/shareware download archive.
FontShop Digital type foundry. FUSE, FontFont, and lo and behold, free stuff!
The FontSite Typography e-zine with free fonts that don't suck!
Fonts - The General Store Excellent! And I mean that. Good visuals, nice layout, pretty good selection. What are you waiting for? Click!
Fonts of the Wolf Free fonts, a font of the week, and a font web ring -- does this guy work it or what?
Fonts Used on Smashing Pumpkins Artwork Even if you feared you'd never be able to listen to another Smashing Pumpkins song because of the heartwrenching memories of betrayal and lost loves that are likely to be dredged up, you might find some fonts here that you like.
The Font Switch Railroad motif fonts.
The Fonts Zone Free fonts to download.
Fontwiz 100 new TrueType fonts to download each week in a single mammoth .zip pack. It doens't get any easier than that.
FontZ: The TrueType Font Archive Why do good font sites have to die?
FOUNTAIN- A Friendly Type Foundry Swedish commercial type foundry with a catalogue of original fonts, some of which fall into the "would kill to have" category. Unfortunately for me, they still reside pretty firmly in the "don't have" category, where they will remain until I stumble onto a giant wad of cash. But the latest news is that a few free fonts can be found lurking on this site. Get 'em while they're hot! -- and free.
Fredrik's Homepage Many free software items and a pretty large font archive. Friendly to the eyes and easy on the pocketbook.
Fred's Font Funhouse Original typefaces for sale -- mostly handwritten ones. "Gunterite" is free.
FreeFilez Free stuff for the web. Check out the fonts section. A font of the day is offered as well as a gigantic unwieldy zipped up font pack.
Free Fonts of the Television Age Hurrah! This site is finally back in swing! New fonts to download every now and then. Kitschily wonderful in every way.
Free Fonts Online Daniel Guldkrans' site. Quite a treasure chest of images to download, and they're displayed in an informative fashion. To the best of my knowledge, these are not your standard installable fonts, but merely GIF images you can copy and grab characters from.
FREE for FREE All sorts of free things to download -- fonts included.
FREE Tracy Johnson Just one font here so far from a seemingly embittered divorcé, but more are in the works
Freeware Woofydesign Fonts Download Woofbats TrueType font
FrONTation Free and shareware fonts to download. Font samples are only provided with the letter "A," but there's a pretty decent-sized collection here. 
Fuel Fonts Extremely hip designer Claes Källarson is back in action! (Hurrah!) And apparently he's joined forces with the mother of all fontmakers, Chank. Check out his neato list of shareware and commercial fonts right now -- that's an order!
Funky Type! Funky Type's "Font Fetish" distributes original designs as well as the designs of others. It's cool.
Funny Fonts Alphabetically-archived fonts to download on a regular basis. Plenty of dings, too.
Galapágos Design Group Original designs for sale as well as a free border/ornaments font called Web-O-Mints.
gaston yagmourian: type Designer's site features some of his original designs. Click on "download" to get at the ones you're allowed to keep.
GF Fonts Fonts, original and free. Nice enough to take hom to mom.
gfx/fonts This is the home of the former ravenclaw castle/eclipse fonts.
Giedi Prime Science Fiction and Fantasy Fonts A great resource -- you know, if you're into that sort of thing. Jim Sorenson's awesome site noe features some of his original typeface design. Be supportive!
Gimme Fonts "Nifty font archive," is what I'd say if I were asked for my thoughts on Shirley "Red" Pulawski's site.
Glowing Servo FREE TrueType Fonts Archive Aargh!! -- handwriting fonts!
goatdesign Free Windows TrueType fonts to download.
Goatee Lifestyle As nifty as it sounds. This site features a few original handwriting fonts at no charge. That's free to you.
Golden State Graphics - Font Power Tools Home of Jim Lewis' brain, the TypeBook, theFONDler, the FontsBrowser, and MatchThis, a typeface matching program for the user with a zillion fonts.
The Grapevine Sadly, this link is dead. But here's what I had to say about when it was among the living: "Wow! Tons of fonts categorized by file type (Mac TTF & Type 1, Windows TTF & Type 1) and then by typeface style. Quite a few original titles. The selection leans in favor of the noble Mac-user with a particular triumph in the Mac-only typeface "Eddie Fisher." Sweet justice..."
Graphically Correct This site offers free graphics and features a freeware fonts section.
Graphic Arts Us Some helpful information about typography and a series of font families to review and download.
Great American Font Works Commercial foundry with one free font to download. 
GrilledCheese.com This appears to be the new home of Tea Calcium. What a huge relief that he's still kicking up dirt somewhere! Many amazing free fonts to download. And who doesn't like grilled cheese?
Guerilla Type You will love it. Trust me.
Handcraftedfonts Online Mostly art fonts and dingbats.
Happy Hour Fonts Happy Hour Fonts describes itself as a Generation X Font Archive. IN my estimation, that's reasonably accurate.
Harry's Font Page Clever collection of free original typefaces, Mac Type 1 only. Beware, 9-to-5-ers -- there's MIDI!
Hawaiian Windows Fonts Download a zip file of four Windows TrueType font families that contain the diacritical marks found in the Hawaiian language. Aloha!
Head Line Fonts to graciously download in a free manner and others to pay for. I haven't successfully downloaded anything, but the sentiment is there.
Helen World Free fonts in the "Pressies" section. This site makes me hearken back to those sunny days on the shores of the Bahamas...well, it was Guam, actually, but I'm pretty sure the ocean's salty in the Bahamas, too.
Hilde's Head One handwriting font.
HP FontSmart Fonts 655,730 downloadable bytes worth of fonts for free from our friends at Hewlett-Packard.
HREF Free Fonts Very large collection of viewable and downloadable fonts collected from the web.
HYBRIDspace Kees Gajentaan's awesome site. There are free original fonts to be found here, but they are scattered about. Fortunately, whilst seeking them out, you will be entertained greatly by Kees and his unique style.
Hydrox I don't even know if this page is called "Hydrox." For some reason, xoom.com did not want to load for me, so I'm just assuming. I know for a fact that there is a font site at this address. I just don't know anything else about it. How's that for honesty?
iceman Three original fonts displayed so far, two of which are downloadable and free.
Immortal Graphics: Font Emporium Dave Greenawalt's freeware and shareware font page.
InDigest Press - AvantFonts Free font each month. Mostly ugly hard-to-read ones though. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Insomnia Fonts A cool original Indian horror movie-inspired free font called Macabro resides here, now accompanied by a host of other super awesome designs. Mac version only, for the moment. Good thing I've got a G3...
The Internet Design & Publishing Center There is a section dedicated to typography and a few shareware and or freeware fonts to download.
Internet Font Archives A staggeringly exhaustive collection of PostScript fonts, many of which are available for free download.
Irish Moon This leprechaun-lovin' site offers a small collection of freeware fonts to download -- primarily Irish, Celtic, or runic. Find them under "Free Stuff."
I Shot the Serif Matt Welch's cleverly-named, amply-stocked, and wisely reciprocally-linked site is worth your clickage.
Janda Web (formerly John and April's Shareware) Five new free fonts to download each week.
Jason Mark - FONTS Shareware.
Jimsville Soon to be the home of "Unhip Fonts: a brand new original font foundry with no allegiance to hipness!"
Johan Andersson's Font Paradise Formerly, a nifty cartoony site with a large alphabetical font download archive.
John W. Young's Font Page I'm still hoping the new URL for this site will turn up. John used to offer seven neat fonts to download (including Gilligan's Island), mostly his own original designs.
Jonathan Macagba Jonathan Macagba offers many cool things, among which are a bunch of shareware typefaces to download in your choice of format.
Jonathan Paterson's Font Download Page Jonathan's original shareware creations are available in TrueType and PostScript formats for both Mac and PC.
Jonathan's Gallery - Fonts Cripes! It's like the "J"s are jinxed or something. I've never seen so many dead links!
Jumbo!, The Download Network This site has a very informative title. You do the math.
KatGyrl®'s Fontain of Youth Attractive download site with lots of personality and lots of fonts.
KatGyrl®'s Music Files Band fonts are not dead. They're here.
katieweb freefonts A few public domain fonts to download here from other designers.
Keith's World: Font Mania Another missing site. I'm becoming quite discouraged here.
Kejak Fonts Formerly "Cheops Font Garden." Interesting page design and a number of unusual fonts to download.
Kemosabe's Font Archive A new font each week.
Kevin's Free Fonts Hundreds of fonts to download
Keystrokes Free font pack to download and many more to order. Every format imaginable. Your needs can be met here.
Kiwi Media Shareware Font Archive Definitely worth a gander.
Kobol: Battlestar Galactica Software Three Battlestar Galactica fonts as well as desktop themes and other freebies for fans of Glen A. Larson.
Kung-Fu Fonts Mike's original free fonts designs and cute baby pictures.
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts Many fonts to download plus general typography items of interest.
Larabie Fonts A new original typeface every week for free. Ray Larabie makes fonts so awesome there should be a disclaimer about potential amazement-related bowel tremors, and he gives them all away for free. Ray Larabie must be on crack. And we, ashamed of our exploitation of his drug-induced dementia, should send him lots of money as a form of penance. He deserves it.
Laurent Goffin's Wonderweb A French site with a link called "typographie," but I haven't been able to find anything font-related that's up and running yet. Let's wait and see, shall we?
Lawn Dart Fonts Just a directory listing at the moment, but you can view images of the fonts and download the zip files from here. All original creations.
lekrummet online: fontsforfree All for Mac, I'm afraid (neener, neener).
Lemonheads Typeface Only one font here, inspired by the typeface on the Lemonheads' album "It's a Shame about Ray" -- which prompts me to suggest you visit Hollywood Highball Magazine online and cruise on over to "Die, Evan Dando, Die!"
Letraset One free font is good enough for me!
Linotype Library GmbH Linotype-Hell is no more. But the Linotype site lives on.
Linus Online One original free font to download from a poetic guy's site.
Listemagerens Fontarkiv The site is in Danish, but it is nevertheless an archive of downloadable freeware fonts. I don't mean to sound ethnocentric. I just don't speak Danish. So I must revert to the universal language of typeface.
Little Starseeds: Happy Little Fonts of the Week Can it be? After gracing the top of my font site for so many unupdated weeks, it appears that Little Starseeds is no more. Poo.
Loaded Neat font site with a handful of fonts to download.
LukeZone The very original Scissor Cuts font family makes its home on this site.
The Macintosh Font Vault Joy! Rapture! More free fonts for those of us clever enough to own a Mac.
Madcaps Free fonts-a-plenty to download.
Magnus' 4Fonts Four new free fonts to download each month, but the updates are usually late. 
Malekyth's Happy Little World A free handwriting font can be found somewhere on this site.
Malf Galt Fonts One free font (Plorp) and a slew of others to buy. This site is funny.
Manuel Diekmeyer Online German font designer Manuel Diekmeyer lets you download his original designs for this many Deutsch Marks: 0.
Marc McDonald: The Free Site Free stuff of all varieties (including fonts).
Marco's Fonts Foreign language site with a couple of font download pages to play with.
Mark's Mac2Win Typeface Conversion Mark Heimback-Nielsen will convert Mac fonts for use on a PC for you FOR FREE. He has also made a font in honor of the late Jeep Swenson (actor who played Bane in Batman and Robin), which you can download for free. Worth the trip? You're darn tootin'!
Martin Vogel's Symbol Font Get an original TrueType symbol font with some rare office symbols, the euro currency logo and some special signs for civil engineers.
Marty's Font Warehouse Original shareware typefaces to download from Marty Pfeiffer. Scooter Boy is one of them.
Match Software Font Foundry Catalog An exclusive collection of digital typefaces for purchase and a shareware font of the month archive ($5 registration).
Matt's Cool Collected Fonts Matt has apparently abandoned this page.
!matt's fonts A couple of shareware titles (Swiss Cheesed is one of them) and a whole bunch of really neat typefaces to buy.
MediaBuilder - Free Font of the Day There's a whole mess of free stuff on this site. Fonts are included in that mess.
Mega Free Web Site - By Spinola 246 free fonts and counting.
mFONTS Free fonts, money fonts, custom fonts... the word "fonts" appears all over this page.
Miami Used CD Network: The Free Fonts!!!! Free font download page on the Miami Used CD Network site. Only a few fonts to download here.
Michael Nelson's Free Fonts One free original typeface to download and a promise of more to come.
Microsoft Free TrueType Fontpack (PC)(Mac) Well worth the visit if you haven't already got these typefaces in your collection.
Mike Sugarbaker Presents: Some Fonts Four original fonts available for free download.
Millan's Free Font Downloads Free original PC TrueType designs to download.
Mindcandy Primarily a commercial type foundry. Slow-moving but cool-looking. There's a freebies section, too, but it appears to be temporarily unavailable. Shucks.
MintCure Download fonts from various Cure albums and singles
Mr. Fisk Font-Hole: The Lo-Fi Font Factory Free original PC TrueTypes designed by Mike Larson, a.k.a. Mr. Fisk. Decent.
Monica di Giacinto Get Monica's free font Mochi vie email or download.
Moonbase Press A small collection of PostScript fonts for the PC.
Mostly Harmless - TrueType Font Archive Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of free fonts to download. And a great site to boot.
(mu-ral)Division Free original fonts and dingbats available in Windows TrueType and Type 1 formats. Officially nifty.
"My own terrible font," said Dave. Download gateway to Dave's own original handwriting font.
Neal Miniyar's Windows TrueType Fonts Page As is often the case, Neal went and changed the filename on his fonts page. His site is still there, but the directory listing is unavailable. If you can hear me, Neal, and you're still into the typeface, give me a jingle and clue me in to your new digs.
Negative Zero: Fonts for the Addict Formerly Felixa's Font Archive.
Network underground "Free fonts make Network underground tasty!" Nu offers a handful of fonts designed by other people.
nonDairy Fonts Two freeware fonts and password access to download a few other fun titles for $10.
Nostradamus Vault There is a font archive on this site. It has a few futuristic and/or science fiction and/or Celtic and/or runic fonts to download.
Nuno's Archive of Cool Fonts Well, well, well. Our pal Nuno seems to think he has the coolest font archive on the web. But we know better, don't we. 
Oliver Conte Design I've had trouble getting around this site, but there are some very cool typefaces to be found.
Omega Font Labs Original freeware and shareware typefaces to download. Some very cool things here.
ONGdesign Caffeinated font foundry with some nice free type to offer.
The Online Fonts Gallery The site is still quite intact, but the "fonts" subdirectory is nowhere to be found. Keep me apprised, people. Come on.
OpalCat's Font Archive Download ttf files for free, but I hope you recognize the fonts by appearance. The typeface names are not displayed unless part of the download file title.
Ordway Sign Supply Free font of the month offered by a company that sells fonts for signmaking programs. 
Ouvrez!!! Police!!! Monthly free fonts to download from a French site with occasional hints in English. Previous months' fonts are archived and nicely displayed. And I'm listed on the links page!
Parakeet Design Free free free! And prejudiced toward the Mac. Mary likey.
Patricia Lillie A few shareware fonts (the Poptics family), a list of commercial ones, and a few free things all laid out in a neat restaurant menu motif.
Paul Neubauer's Free Fonts for the Web A nice collection of professional-looking fonts to download.
P-Font Archive Fonts for Mac and PC from Yuji Adachi. Some to buy. Some for free. Some not yet available. Such is life.
Phont Typographics Answer: "No." Question: "Is there anything more beautiful than a free font?" Get 'em while they're hot and free. But get a Mac before you visit this site. Happily for me, I've already got one. The postscript to this review is that the site is apparently in the process of massive change and no fonts are to be found for the time being. According to these folks, design is dead.
PHsS Graphic Design & Web Page Creation Free web graphics and utilities, including a font download section.
Phule's Phun Phonts Weekly collection of freeware/shareware fonts to download.
phunktified Dig it. You'll find a free font archive under "Design" and I am quite fond of the collection that has been amassed.
Pixel Fonts They give one away every now and then. It won't be the one you want, but it's hard to complain about free stuff.
PizzaDude PizzaDude makes me hungry with all his free fonts and cool moves. Hungry for FONTS, that is.
P.J. Cassel's Fonts Free-ish. Shareware actually.
Planet'Art Font Design Your signature made into a font for free, truetype custom handwriting fonts on demand and a free fonts section to boot. I got tired of waiting for images to load, but you might not.
Plastic Warriors Freeware TrueType fonts to download from a game enthusiast's site.
PlazTek D-Zyne Holy Anime! A free font lurks in the Gallery.
PrimaFont's Free Classic Fonts A whole bunch of high-quality free fonts to download in TrueType or PostScript formats for Mac and Windows. Love this site. I command you.
Purple Crayons Fonts Shareware and freeware font archive. A little on the slow side, but nicely designed.
QType Original designs, free to non-commercial types like you and me.
Quadrat Communications Original fonts to order. Or perhaps you'd prefer to download a free copy of Ratsample Mac 3D. I know I would.
Qualitype Free Font of the Month A free font to download each month (duh). Just PostScript for Windows as far as I can tell.
Radiateur Fontes Lots of eye candy here. French language graphic design site with a typeface section called -- you guessed it -- "Radiateur Fontes." It appears that the site is still under construction, but there is a free font button. So wait a while and give it a click.
Randy's Font Page Randy's font page now resides on his Sci-Fi MIDI site. Freeware and shareware typefaces, mostly very interesting designs.
Rafael Dinner's Fonts A whole crapload of freeware fonts for you to consider downloading.
RD & SD Fonts I have officially reviewed this site and I'm pleased to anounce that it officially rules! So far, a collection of 10 font download pages. Quick to load, easy to read, downright impossible to criticize.
retype Christopher Houston's original kick-ass designs. If you don't like these fonts, you're a big fat idiot.
RK Fonts A collection of free ancient character fonts from R. Kainhofer.
Robotic Attack Fonts Shareware typefaces by John Martz.
Rocket Visuals Download Windup, a PostScript Type 1 font for Macintosh.
rotodesign Snap up some free original Mac type 1 designs.
Rudy 'n' Fluffy's World Free original font designs to download. Some very cool stuff here.
Sacred Nipple Font Foundry Interesting designs from a South African foundry. Some free Mac PostScripts to grab, too. Beware, conservative surfers. There's a boob on the index page.
Sadan, Meir. Meir Sadan is 16. He lives in Tel Aviv. He's got "drama." Check it out.
San Gabriel Custom Fontologists Samples to download.
Sans-1 Typography Some neat freeware typefaces set against a background that makes the page almost impossible to read.
Sassy Fonts Unfortunately, the word "sassy" will always make me think of Phil Hartman, and that makes me sad. But that notwithstanding, this site has a heap of free fonts to download.
Sci.Fi.Fonts A very complete home to science fiction fonts on the web.
Scott Computer Graphics This very useful site is back online.
Scott W. Adkins' TrueType Font Archive Nearly 200 truetype fonts to download as ttf files (titles only).
Scriptorium Two new shareware fonts featured each month and a bunch of commercial fonts to buy.
The Shaft Fonts to steal and fonts to buy. Go there.
Silly Silly True Type Fonts Download away!
Sir Speedy 3000 A free font each month to download in virtually every file format possible.
Skylla Skylla offers a typeface called "AFAIK," the first typeface on the WWW containing the European currency symbol. There is also an ancient Greek shareware typeface called "Korinthus."
Sliders! One font, inspired by its TV show namesake.
Smoking Drum Very cool-looking UK site. It takes cunning to navigate, but there are free fonts to be had, and I'm sure you're up to the challenge.
Snatchsoft For $10, J.P. Grant will make you a font of your own handwriting or a clone of some other font you like. You can also download Windows and Mac versions of some of his designs, including clones of the Seaquest DSV font.
SoftBrain Fonts Download .zip files of PC TrueType fonts.
sokraType fonts - food for your typewriter Lots of original fonts to download from a fella goes by the name of Sokrates.
Solar Sister Free fonts, ahoy! And original ones, no less.
SOLFONTS The Dominican Republic's own Barón offers up his original designs for your consumption. Thank him, why don't you.
so lovably unfashionable typography Features SLUT Digital Type by Catsu!t. All original freeware Windows TrueType fonts to download by a teenager who calls himself CatSu!t. And the guy appears to have some attitude. I'm already a fan.
Sophtecks Jungle and Typography Pages A nice collection of original fonts to download for free. Catchy site design, too.
Sound of Print Another member of Swanky's Design Posse. And rightfully so. This site kicks primetime ass.
Spine Leeway Chang has a pretty spiffy page. Visit "Fontasy" for free font downloads and impressive graphic treatments.
Spoogy's Eternal Nirvana of Fonts Helluva nice site. Fonts are grouped alphabetically. You take it from there.
Squaresville Original fonts and dingbats. Get to this site immediately. Shoot anyone who tries to get in your way. Treasure awaits, I tell you! Treasure!
STAR Retrieval Systems The British spellings alone endears me to this site. Coupled with the fact that I'm eating the most delicious chocolate mints right now. Maybe it's just my mood. The fonts are original. I like that.
StickFonts Free and money fonts from Mike Hind, the Stickman. This guy is so damn cool, he's got a font called Titwillow inspired by Sam the Eagle's timeless rendition. That one isn't free, but so many other wonderful ones are.
STRITON Free TrueType Fonts Very well-organized download site. You've seen most of these typefaces before, but you probably haven't seen them load up so quickly and with so much helpful information.
strokatoad (Dead Frog Fonts) Visit all three fontholes for maximum free fontage.
Strosnider World Wide Web Page Original and free. Just the way I like 'em.
STYLEsolutions Cool font archive with a font of the week and a nice collection of fonts categorized by genre. The pages don't load with lightning quickness, and you need a i s oniot view the home image map properly, but they're worth perusing once they're up.
Sunwalk Fontworks Andy Krahling's free TrueType font site is brand spanking new and the fonts are brand spanking free. The code writing needs a little tidying, but the titles are worth a look.
Superchink's Font Archive Really well-displayed shareware and freeware web fonts to download. The site is currently under renovation, but the old font page is still available to view.
Surface Type A handful of nifty freeware typefaces. The page titles say things like, 'My eyes, they bleed!' That makes me laugh.
Sven's Raypage TrueType fonts to download. The site is not in English, but it's very nice to look at and easy to cruise.
S. Westenskow's Font Page A collection of the site owner's favorite freeware typefaces to download.
Synergistic Designs Roland Frantz has a web site. He gives away original fonts. They are neat.
Syn Fonts Unique collection by Don Synstelien.
tabertype Taber Buhl's original fonts are hot!
TarmSaft font factory Poo. TarmSaft has gone the way of the dinosaur. This is what used to be true of their site: "Loads of original fonts to download for free. I have been told that TarmSaft uses a generous portion of vulgar Swedish verbiage on their site. This does not offend me. If it offends you, by all means avoid visiting."
Team Dalmation Fonts Online A few shareware titles to peruse and potentially download with a $5 registration fee.
Tech Fonts Digital Design Brand spanking new font site.
TechnoFace Digital Design Commercial and shareware fonts for the fontlover in all of us. 
Theftype Apparently under construction, but cool and alligator-y.
Three Island Press: The Type Quarry Original fonts for commercial and shareware download. You can download a free font for filling out a survey. There's also an essay on the ethics of typeface counterfeiting if you're feeling lecturable.
Timberwolf Type This Swedish type foundry offers a free Mac typeface called Beryll.
TLai Enterprises Shareware fonts with a sci-fi bent.
Tracy Johnson, Dingbat King! The Tracy Johnson who brought you FREE Tracy Johnson, plans to offer a number of "Freeview" fonts at this site.
Today's TrueType A new daily font download site.
Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Star Trek and Star Wars-y stuff.
Toxic Type Dobi's new digs. Eight pages of fonts to download so far. Or more free fonts than you can count on all your appendages, as Dobi so astutely points out.
transmission 23 font archive A very nice archive of downloadable typefaces, from the very artsy to the very professional.
Treacyfaces/Headliners Free font via email request, and lots of other fonts to order.
Tre Bomb Nation Original freeware designs from a Smashing Pumpkins fan.
Troy's World: The Asylum  The site is now called Short Circuit but a font-related document is nowhere to be found. The old site was quite cool. I'm hoping it lives on.
TRUCK FONTS! Original font designs to download. I really dig the look of this site, and you will, too.
.ttf Original free truetype faces to download here. They're neat, too.
Turntable Media One free font called FatTip.
Tusken Trader Trilogy is shareware. It's Star Wars-y. Get it.
Twisted Type "Beaten-up useless fonts for the disturbed," says the webmaster. "Free!" say I.
Two Moon Media The site lives on as Aus Software, but I can't find anything font-related. Here's what I once said of these guys: "A new original shareware and freeware graphics site. They've got fonts, filters, and tileable backgrounds. And apparently they strongly believe in conservation of punctuation, 'cause you won't find much of it here." Don't you find my clever condescension endearing?
TypeArt A font by the name of Borderzone is free if you go to the FTP site. That's a tough price to beat.
Type - What Type? (formerly SquirtGun) A pretty impressive collection of freeware typefaces collected by our friend SquirtGun and made available for free download in a really appealing black and white layout. I don't usually involve my thumbs in these reviews, but Squirt Gun gets one in the up-turned position!
typo5 Germ‡n Olaya's original creations, including a generous serving of free stuff.
Typographisches Cabinet of Dr. Wunderlich's virtuelle Kunst Galerie Christian-Heinrich Wunderlich's site. A few original free fonts here.
Typography in Decay What once was lost is found. Visit!
tyWorld.com - true type font collection A very cool collection of free fonts, in my opinion. H-Man is my personal favorite. tyWorld, I dub thee a good font resource.
Ultimate Web Web design site with monthly fonts to download and other design tools and utilities. Go to the "Font Mania" link if you don't want to mess with the other stuff.
Unauthorized Type I love this guy's stuff. 
The Unofficial Webpage of the Haunted Mansion Download the font "Ruben" and take a virtual tour of Disney's Haunted Mansion, while you're at it.
Urban Design Inc. Commercial design firm that offers a few font freebies.
Urban Freebies Free fonts created and designed at U.D.I.
USS Matrix Font download page on a SERIOUS Star Trek fan site.
Utopia Fonts Replete with Douglas Adams inspiration, Smurf references, and a designer whose namesake is a Scandinavian god, this site offers massive free fontage and a side order of soothing visuals. If Utopia were not a logical impossibility, I'd say I'd found it.
Vance'z Font Page A new PC TrueType font every day (no kidding). Formerly Jack Mansby's Font Page.
The Vault New download archive.
Vint@ge Type Some to buy, some to steal.
Vodkaland Free Fonts Free fonts served up in a highly potent beverage distilled from potatoes!
wa2ise's TTF fonts A few original freeware designs to download.
Walden Font "Purveyors of Fine Historic Fonts and Clip-Art." Commercial fonudry with one free truetype font called Jugend WF. Rumor has it there will be more freebies to come.
Warehouse Type Foundry New type foundry with some swinging designs displayed. The site is apparently still under construction.
Waveloss Font Bank I'm very lazy.
Web Bazaar Plaza Free Fonts Fifteen free fonts to download.
webbie dot com Mucho de web design-related paraphernalia here. Free fonts? S“!
Web Dog This is a typography site with a free fonts section which can be found at http://www.webdog.com.au/fonts/9.html. Only Mac fonts, as far as I can see, and that's plum peachy by my standard.
WebID Flash-heavy site with a neat backbeat. Free type can be found under the "5."
westergaard (formerly J.P. Nielsen Design) Secret agent drama on a font of the week site. What could be more pleasing?
WhoAmI? Type & Design A small but cool collection of original typefaces to download in both Mac and PC formats. This site also has a downloadable utilities section for Mac users. Altogether worth the clicking.
Will-Harris House Download two free Bitstream fonts here.
WinSite TrueType Font Files Archive of font software and English, foreign language, and symbol fonts free for download.
The Wondermat The Wondermat, aside from being an unbelievably awesome place to hang, is the exclusive distribution site for some of dincTYPE's finest free offerings. Free things are found under "Times Square," but you are hereby commanded to visit the rest of the site as well. You won't be sorry -- unless you defy me!
www.jothan.com Just one font here: Helvuctupica Light.
Xerotype Original grungy typefaces to download. A very cool site.
Xtra Font Gallery Belgrade On-Line site featuring a bunch of downloadable fonts categorized by genre. Very quick-loading.
Y&Y Inc. Two free Windows Type 1 fonts to download and others to buy.
YOWorks - YOFonts Japanese foundry with a couple of free offerings and liberal use of katakana.
Yves' Star Trek Page I'm thinking you can probably guess what sort of typefaces reside at this address.
Zang-O-Fonts Yet another member of Chank's ass-kicking Design Posse. I'm jealous-er than I can say. But more importantly, a monthly free font is available from this site, and it's generally well worth the download time (particularly if you have a swanky cablemodem like me).
Zeitgeist Sadly, Zeitgeist appears to have packed it in. Keep watching the skies. Reincarnation is a common occurrence in the typeface world. "This used to be "Petula's LIttle World." But, dang! Somebody got their hands on some Java textbooks since the last time I stopped by. This site is very polished and creative. Find the fonts under 'Abecedarian -- When alphabet is learnt.' One original font and a number of freeware/shareware titles to download."
ZeroXenon26 - Free Font Site Aside from the free Mac and Windows TrueType fonts offered here, there's one helluvan' impressive animated image map on the index page. That's not lost on me.
ZETAfonts The home page almost sent me into a grand mal seizure while it was loading. But there's a pack of PC versions of common Mac fonts to download. That's something.

The Not-So-Free

Because these are primarily "not-so-free", I was what one might call "not-so-diligent" in my research and this list is by no means exhaustive. Primarily, it consists of sites I came across while looking for free fonts and sadly discovered were in the ugly business of profiteering.
aarrgghh! Check out the Classic Sci-Fi fonts for sale on Dave Hill's cool site.
Abeceda Dizajn - Fonts Slow-loading commercial fonts.
Active Images  (www.comicbookfonts.com) Fonts for typing words like "kaboom," "splat," and "zow." These fonts are not, however, appropriate for typing words like "free" or "reasonably priced," I'm afraid.
Adobe Systems The absolute world-leader.
Agfa Division, Bayer Corp. Of the commercial foundries, this is one of the best. But like most of them, this one is actually trying to turn a profit, so no free stuff here.
Alpine Fonts Chess and other game diagram fonts, including dominoes, backgammon, mah jong, othello, and checkers. Certainly a specialized need, but if you have such a need, you'll be relieved that this place exists. $29 per font family.
Altemus Creative Great collection of original dingbat and decorative fonts. $29 each.
The Apollo Program All of the awesome imaginative font families offered here are $70.
Arts & Letters Free fonts and clip art in exchange for your soul -- er, that is to say your email address.
Atomic Media I'm violating one of my rules here because you can't actually get fonts from Atomic Media directly, but their designs are so amazing that I felt an exception should be made.
Attention Earthling! Type Foundry I love this company. And I love Sawdust Marionette, one of the many typefaces they offer which is prone to get me all in a lather. Somebody please buy it for me. Thanks.
Barry Deck's Electric Portfolio Graphic designer displays some of his original typefaces and provides links for commercial availability where applicable.
Berthold Types Chicago-based foundry with high quality, professional-looking designs for sale.
Bitstream Another fine foundry with font and font-related products worth every penny they are charging for them.
Bob's Fonts Dingbat fonts to buy.
BOSSFONTS BOSSFONTS is a Font Manager from Arts & Letters. This site promotes BOSSFONTS and teases you with a slide show of the 2,000 or so fonts you get with BOSSFONTS when you order. To aggravate the situation, two free fonts are offered in exchange for your email address, but it's just one oriental-looking font and one Hebrew-looking font. Hrmph.
Club Type Adrian Williams' original typeface designs. Custom fonts available.
Conigliotype: Recycled Alphabets¨ Typewriter fonts and other forms of cool recycled type at $20 per font or $150 for the whole set on ZIP disk. Mac only.
Dalton Maag Custom and commercial font designs.
Deniart Systems - Fonts for the Ages High quality original fonts for sale, mostly inspired by ancient writing.
Denniz Ortiz-Lopez Co. Online catalog of original Mac fonts designed by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez. His fonts are distributed by FontHaus and Phil's Fonts.
Dennis Palumbo Fonts  Original fonts to buy.
Digiteyes Multimedia TypeArt(TM) Library Commercial type foundry with a few free fonts to play with. They also have a typography game called "Name that Font!"
Disappearing Inc. Swing by the Font Arsenal and see all the latest weaponry. Cool sounds, not-so-annoying use of frames - an all-out pleasure. Twenty-five large bucks a pop for these daddies, but they are worth every penny. 
DS Design A self-proclaimed "web, graphic design and multimedia cyberstore." This site contains a fonts and clip art section, featuring a number of version of the KidBAG family for sale.
Emigre, Inc. Digital type foundry
enStep Commercial fonts and clip art.
Filmotype Corporation 100 TrueType fonts for $29.95
Fluent Laser Fonts Fonts to buy (with money)
The Font Bureau, Inc. Commercial type foundry 
Font Forest Home of the Architect's Font Pack - six fonts for 49 smackers.
fontory Digital type foundry
fontsonline/fonts for the information age Online source for Alphabets, Inc., stuff. There is a mention of free fonts, but no actual appearance of them.
The Font Source, Inc. Offers over 13,000 typefaces (Mac and PC)
Font World Multiple language and custom fonts offered here.
Foundry Group Digital Art Store Commercial type foundry
FUSE Interactive Magazine Subscribe to the magazine and get a CD of type wit every issue. Such a deal this is.
Garage Fonts Virtual Garage Digital type foundry
Harris Design Dingbat fonts and a typeface called Strasbourg are displayed here and distributed worldwide by FontHaus, Monotype, and Precision Type.
Hoefler Type Foundry Online catalog of high quality typefaces.
House Industries All you can do at this site is order a catalog for $5, but the designs are hot (sizzle sound effect).
Image Club Graphics Their online typeface library makes me wish I was made of money.
Index Stock TrueType Fonts Hundreds of fonts for PC and Mac at $15 per font.
ITC (International Typeface Corporation) Commercial type foundry. They say they plan to begin offering a free font each month. Keep checking back with them.
ITF: International Type Founders The designs are displayed here and sold elsewhere.
Jill Bell Design Jill Bell's wonderful designs are displayed here, but ditributed elsewhere by Adobe and the like.
JY&A Fonts Nice, informative site with many very attractive font designs to boast.
KillerFonts Commercial type foundry that offers fonts inspired by the handwriting of serial killers. No joke.
Lead Type Digital Type Foundry Currently four original typefaces to see. You can download a very well-designed interactive catalog for the Mac, but as far as I can tell you can't get the fonts unless you cough up the dough.
LetterPerfect This site is a class act. Despite the glaring lack of free fonts, there are some really amazing designs here which can be purchased at reasonable prices, which is almost as good as getting them for free (hopeful shrug).
Linguist's Software Linguist's Software produces TrueTpye and Type 1 fonts for over 365 languages for Windows and Macintosh.
Little Men Studios This pad claims to be"your personal art studio and royalty-free clip art collections." Custom stuff. Apparently designed by Oompa Loompas. And good for them, I say.
Monotype Typography Another of the major font forces.
Nimx Foundry Great collection of original typefaces and clever dingbats to order.
Olduvai Software Among the software offered for sale here are a couple of font collections.
Omnibus Typografi Digital type foundry featuring the original designs of Swedish artist Franko Luin.
One Way Out Ooh! -- golly, I can't wait for this site to come out from behind the obscuring veil of renovation. Although under construction when last I visited, the sample images displayed were enough to set me a-covetin'!
OptiFont, Castcraft Software Inc. Online font catalog
Orangeflux Commercial type foundry.
P22 Type Foundry Commercial type foundry. They say they plan to begin offering a free font at some point in the future.
Page Studio Graphics - PIXymbolsŞ Commercial type foundry.
ParaType Cyrillic and multi-language fonts available for online ordering.
Paul Baker Typography Online portfolio of the artist's work. Kind of a typography e-zine as well. And there's a cool blue pig.
The PenUltimate Horde o' Cool Type PenUltimate Type Foundry's online catalog.
Phathaus - The Big Hype Type Foundry  Commercial type foundry with a collection of rad cartoony fonts to order. It's a kick-ass site. Even if nothing's free. 
Phil's Fonts They've got a pretty impressive catalog, and I really dig the site. A free font is offered every now and again.
Plazmfonts I hope this site is just under construction. The screen capture cleverly displays a Macintosh desktop in the throes of some horrific event involving Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Microsoft Exchange. Sinister!
Porchez Typofonderie The biggest independent type foundry in France.
Precision Type Nobody was home when I knocked. I'll try back later.
Production First Software Online catalog of a commercial foundry.
Protoype Experimental Foundry Big fat bold fonts for big fat bold people - with money. Lots of neato stuff here. Have your credit card ready.
Psy/Ops Type Foundry Coveting is a sin, isn't it? I'm pretty sure it is.
Scanjam Design Company Online catalog for a commercial foundry with real bona fide style.
Shift Order original typeface designs.
Snailworks Design House Custom and commercial font design. Neat site.
Sooy Type Foundry Digital type foundry.
StudioType Original fonts to order, including the lettering from the film "Metropolis." I'm sold!
T-26 Type Foundry Commercial type foundry with a hell of a nice site. Nearly 300 typefaces from more than 100 different designers. Prices run the spectrum and the selection is terrific.
testpilot colelctive Among other things, Matt Desmond of MADtype and Cinahaus, now resides here.
Three Islands Press Shareware and purchase
Thirstype Awesome commercial designs.
Tiro Typeworks Digital type foundry marketing five outrageously expensive serif face families.
TM/N Digital Custom and commercial font designs.
Totally Fonts! Font CD's to purchase at $10 each. There's a big page of Windows Type 1 fonts and font applications to download. But that's of no use to l'il ol' Mac-using me, I'm afraid. 
Treehouse Graphic Design Some cool logo fonts.
Type1.com/Digital Anarchy Great font designs. Really cheap. Happy day!
Typefaces by Matt Jalbert One original font family called Arts & Crafts -and it isn't free.
The Typeguy Font Studio Custom fonts and font alterations created by graphic designer Robert Keding.
U-Design Type Foundry Digital type foundry
The Types Digital type foundry with a very well-designed site and a large collection of original typefaces to order.
Union Type Supply Online catalog.
Visual Designs Fonts Eric Baal's clever creations at rock-bottom prices.
Zebra Font Factory Buy cool fonts here.

If you're a Mac user (like me), you may want to consider downloading a copy of TTConverter 1.5 to convert PC TrueType fonts to Mac TrueType. It's not perfect, but it keeps smug PC users from being able to say "neener neener" to you on quite so many occasions. Click to download TTConverter 1.5 in Mac Binhex format You may also need the Stuffit Expander program to complete the downloads. For the record, though, Macromedia's Fontographer is really the only way to go when it comes to font conversion.

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